Becky’s Story

My mentor, Melissa, is so funny and lovely. From the first day we met we got on straight away.

Having a mentor has really helped break up the week for me. It has given me something to look forward to and a reason to get me out the house. I find it hard to go out without a purpose. I feel like ‘what is the point in going out without having a reason to?’ but Mel has given me a purpose and has helped me gain confidence. Mel has helped me to do what I want to do but not by myself.

Having a mentor has really helped me with my confidence. I wasn’t going out before I met Mel. When we go out now I don’t feel anxious in town and I am starting to get used to it more and more. Since Covid I haven’t been on a bus in 7 months and now because I have been going out more often my confidence has grown, I’ve managed to get on four buses in one day.

If someone is in the same situation as me I would recommend having a mentor. It’s like having a friend who supports you and pushes you to do things you think you can’t do but want to do. My girlfriend has helped me too, and I am trying to work towards a career for myself. With the help of Sammy from Learning 4 Life, I have updated my CV and now I am ready to start thinking about the future. I’ve made a decision to make the changes myself and I am looking at getting a waitressing job.

I’ve also been involved in some of the challenges sent out by Llamau’s Engagement team during lockdown. The artwork challenges gave me something to do and Llamau shared my work on their social media pages which made me feel great.

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